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Monday, 8 December 2014

Winter hen party ideas

What to do for a winter hen party?......

Ice skating - but remember to have your alcoholic beverages AFTER the skating
Winter getaway - how about Iceland? Plenty of activities and a perfect wintery atmosphere
Ice bar - a few drinks but keeping with the winter theme, this would make a unique experience
Staying somewhere luxurious and quirky like the Crazy bear hotels.

In keeping with the winter theme why not have fancy dress from the film frozen, or a Christmas theme like Santa's and naughty elves.

Hope this has given you some inspiration

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mr and Mrs questions

What is his favourite tv show?

If he could have a superpower what would it be?

What is your partners favourite sexual position? 

Where did you go on your first date?

Who is the tidiest?

Who is funnier?

Where is the most adventurous place you have ever had sex?

What did he say your bra size is?

What is his favourite part of your body?

What is your partners greatest fear?

What is your favourite part of your partners body?

What is your partners dream job?

What is your partners nick name for you?

What animal would your partner compare you to?

Who's the best cook?

Who's the most athletic?

Who the most dramatic?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ideas for a pregnant hen on her special night

Just because she's pregnant doesn't let the bride to be off the hook. This is her last day/night with the girls before she is married.

If your hen doesn't want a big night out how about a good old fashioned pyjama party. Everyone dressed in onesies. Rent your hens favourite films, non alcoholic cocktails, manicures, truth or dare and plenty of photos.

All of the girls could bring hen party photo props I.e hats, glasses etc

One icebreaker game that would get the group giggling is confessions

Every one writes down a secret confession, folds them over twice and they get mixed in a bowel
The confessions are read out. Everyone voting for who they think the confession belongs to. The person with the highest votes for each confession keeps the paper with it on.
Once someone has a confession they cannot be voted for again.
In the end people who have been given their own confession. All others have to each tell which confession belongs to them.

And never forget singstar/karaoke goes down a treat with a group of girls

Feel free to add suggestions on to this :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Do i bring a gift for the hen?

When attending a hen party it is a good idea to bring a gift for the hen, usually a naughty gift. Here are a few ideas:

Pink furry handcuffs
Dare cards
Chocolate willies
Love dice
Bride to be sash
Willy earrings
Willy whistle necklace
Hen party badges
Candy garter/bra/thong/nipple tassels
Personalised hen party shot glasses

Some of this stuff you can get personalized, i purchased a personalised badge from ebay. they put a message of my choice and a photo of the hen on the badge. The hen loved this.

If you want a less naughty gift then here are some ideas:

A hen party photo album
Personalised champagne flute
Hen party memory box
Personalised hen party vest tops/t - shirts
Hangover kit
Personalised photo frame,

For my sisters hen party i used Its a website where you can put your face (from a photo) in a photo i.e someone famous. I used a picture of Prince William and Kate on their wedding day and added my sisters face and her fiances face so that it looks like they are Kate and Wills. Then i printed it off in colour and made it in to a card. I then got everyone at the hen party to write messages. The bride and even the groom really liked this.

I also used the same website to print off pictures of my sister with old fashioned pin up girl bodies and left copies on different tables as a talking point and i slipped in some of the groom. One of which i put his face on a picture of a man in a mankini.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hen do games

1. Scavenger hunt:

Hide things like willy whistles, nipple tassels embarressing photos etc. Then send the teams looking for the items on the list. Or if out and about write a list of items such as a mans underpants, a bra, lipstick, condom etc.

2. Mr and Mrs

Test how well your hen knows the man she's about to marry. (Get the answers from the groom to be in advance)