Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ideas for a pregnant hen on her special night

Just because she's pregnant doesn't let the bride to be off the hook. This is her last day/night with the girls before she is married.

If your hen doesn't want a big night out how about a good old fashioned pyjama party. Everyone dressed in onesies. Rent your hens favourite films, non alcoholic cocktails, manicures, truth or dare and plenty of photos.

All of the girls could bring hen party photo props I.e hats, glasses etc

One icebreaker game that would get the group giggling is confessions

Every one writes down a secret confession, folds them over twice and they get mixed in a bowel
The confessions are read out. Everyone voting for who they think the confession belongs to. The person with the highest votes for each confession keeps the paper with it on.
Once someone has a confession they cannot be voted for again.
In the end people who have been given their own confession. All others have to each tell which confession belongs to them.

And never forget singstar/karaoke goes down a treat with a group of girls

Feel free to add suggestions on to this :)

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